Do you need to update your educational qualifications so you can continue your career? Online learning can help you make progress faster.

If you’ve been feeling apprehensive about juggling a job with your studies, then you’ll be pleased to hear it can have a positive impact on your studies. In fact, it can help give you an edge in your career and even graduate faster.

Wondering how? Have a read through these four reasons…

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1) You can choose how many modules you take each semester

When you study at an on-campus institution, there’s a limit to how many modules you can take each semester – but that’s not the case when you study online.

You’re free to take as many modules as your schedule allows. So if you have lots of free time available, you can take more modules than you would at a traditional campus university! And since studying online means you don’t have to waste time commuting to campus, you might just find you have more time available than you’re expecting!

And by taking more modules in a shorter space of time, you’ll earn more credits and graduate more quickly.

2) You can study all year round

Most on-campus degrees only offer modules during their spring and fall semesters. But that’s not the case with studying online!

You can take modules all year round when you study online: as soon as you finish one set of modules, you can simply enroll in the next set and continue. You won’t have to take a break over the summer – unless you want to, of course!

Which means that, in the end, you’ll graduate faster by studying at an online institution than by studying at an on-campus one.

3) You can use your work experience to get course credit

If you’re currently working – or have previously worked – you can apply to get your work experience counted towards your degree.

That’s because at NAU Canada Online, we recognize that the experience you gain outside the classroom is valuable. And we know that it can be relevant to your degree, too. Especially if you work (or have worked) in a field related to your degree!

All you have to do is submit a portfolio as part of a Prior Learning Assessment – and you could be awarded credit for your work experience. And that means you could reach the total credit needed to graduate more quickly.

4) Your degree will be more affordable, so you can take more modules

Sometime, it’s not time which limits the number of modules you can take: it’s money.

And the good thing about learning online is that it’s much more affordable than studying on-campus. You don’t have to spend money on a commute, expensive campus cafeteria meals or rent for university accommodation. Plus, as a Canadian citizen, you’re still eligible for financial aid when you study online!

Which means the budget you’ve allocated for studying will stretch further – so you can afford to take more modules and complete your degree faster.

Ready to learn more about studying online?

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