The race to becoming successful is an extremely competitive one, and everyone begins running that race at one time or the other. The saying goes “life is what you make of it,” and everyone has a chance at making it in life. To be honest, it is really not all that difficult. Just a few nudges in the right direction, and presto.

Research has shown that by carrying out certain simple tasks in the morning, that are commonly considered pointless, can help create an environment that will propel your life in the right direction.

Here are 7 simple tasks that have the capability to change your mindset and help you become a success at what you’re attempting to achieve.

1. Be Optimistic and Express Gratitude

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is try to think of something you’re grateful for. You’d be surprised how many people have been positively affected by this action. It has helped many to have a successful day, and in extension a successful life.

Saying good things about yourself will make you feel good and smile. Studies have shown that smiling signals the body to release hormones called dopamine and serotonin, otherwise known as the “feel good hormones”, that help relax the body and lift one’s mood.

The good thing about these actions is that since they can be done silently, in your head, they can be done anywhere or anytime you so please. Take a minute or two to tell yourself things like “I am going to attain the goals I’ve set for today, or “I am capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to”. Reflect on those people, things, coincidences, or opportunities you are grateful for, and you are bound to start off your day with positive energy.

2. Make Your Bed

Carrying out this action may seem a bit pointless to you, since it holds no significance other than producing an orderly bedroom. However, starting your day off with this little action, can serve as a stepping stone or a source of inspiration to accomplish more tasking objectives as the day proceeds.

Making your bed in the morning also gives you a small sense of pride due to the fact that your bedroom is neat, and your bed well arranged. Apart from these, making up your bed teaches you mental self-discipline, and believe it or not, actually lowers your stress levels.

3. Keep Away from Tech

It has gotten to the stage where people just can’t do without a phone in their hands. So much so that they reach for it immediately upon waking up.

If this is what you do on a daily basis, you are only programming your brain to behave in that way every morning, rather than telling it to try something else. Starting your day off with your phone or with video games causes you to tense up, be more cautious and protective, rather than joyful and lively. Stay away from tech for about an hour after getting up from bed.

Go outside and appreciate nature, lie on your bed and take some moments to think about your goals and ways to achieve them, go brush your teeth or try reading the newspaper.

4. Hydrate

Hydration is key. Downing a glass or two of water in the early hours of your day helps provide the body with necessary minerals that ensures that you start the day with positive energy.

So, make it a habit to drink a glass (or two) of water first thing in the morning, to help you stay refreshed and hydrated as you begin your day.

5. Put Effort into Your Appearance

Taking time to focus on your appearance in the morning can significantly improve your mood and confidence throughout the day. When you are certain you bathed and groomed yourself well, you would be more ready to tackle the day with an air of confidence.

Therefore, make it a habit to pay attention to those small things that accumulate to make you look the best version of yourself. Flossing, combing, brushing, and applying lotion or wearing your favourite outfit, are a few ways to boost your self-esteem.

6. Devour a Healthy Breakfast

It’s not new news that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Consuming a healthy breakfast before starting off your day provides the body with more energy to help you through the day, and helps you strengthen your ability to concentrate and focus.

It’s important to note that a healthy breakfast should contain all components that make your morning meal ideal. These may include healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains.

7. Whip up a “To-Do” List

When you wake up in the morning, perhaps after carrying out the above rituals, try taking a few minutes to write a to-do list of things that need to be taken care of that day. The list should be formulated in a way that only things which are of the utmost importance make the cut.

It also helps to rank the items according to importance, so you are able to tackle the highly important tasks first. This list should also not contain more than 3-5 items, so as not to overwork your brain and feel pressured to complete them.

Having tasks to accomplish and being able to successfully accomplish them helps motivate one to go through the day determined and focused as you aim to accomplish your personally set objectives while simultaneously trying to go about your daily activities.

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