If you’re running your own business – or plan to do so in the future – the right degree can help you take your business to the next level.

But not all degrees are equally helpful – you’ll need to pick a degree which provides you with knowledge you can put into action to help your business grow. Which means you’ll need a degree which teaches you practical skills like how to market your products and services, balance your finances, and stand out from your competitors.

So which are the best online degrees for you to take? These are our top 5 picks:

1. Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing

Marketing is a vital skill for every business owner to have. By having a degree in marketing, it’ll teach you how to use a wide range of marketing methods – from social media marketing to more traditional channels. You’ll also learn about consumer behaviour and how to conduct market research effectively.

The end result? You’ll know exactly how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for any product or service.

2. Business Administration with an emphasis in Management Information Systems

Every business owner can benefit from knowing how to make the most of technology to manage their company’s information, processes and data.

A degree in management information systems will teach you vital skills like project management, systems design and database management. And it will also teach you equally vital soft skills like business decision-making, professional communication and problem solving.

So if managing your company’s information resources more effectively could help your business grow to the next level, this is the degree you need to take.

3. Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting

As a business owner, you’ll need to be savvy about managing your finances.

By taking a degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting, you’ll learn about budgeting, marketing, finance, income taxation and international business. You’ll also be run through the main concepts and principles related to management and finance accounting.

Which will stand you in good stead to manage your own business accounts!

4. Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship

If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, you can’t go wrong with a degree with in entrepreneurship!

You’ll learn how to develop a business plan, analyse the market for new product opportunities and create pro forma financial statements to set your business venture up for success. You’ll also be given practice in thinking through the common challenges business owners face – and you’ll be taught the critical thinking skills you need to solve them.

So if you have an entrepreneurial streak, this is the degree for you.

5. Organizational Leadership

Planning to grow your business and lead a team? Then a degree in organizational leadership could be the perfect fit.

It will teach you how to be a good team leader and use leadership theories in a practical way to reach your company’s goals. And you’ll brush up on your knowledge of core business principles and learn how to do business in an international environment.

This is definitely a degree we’d recommend for anyone who’s planning to become a leader.

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