Working while you earn a degree can actually be a very good thing!

If you’ve been feeling apprehensive about juggling a job with your studies, then you’ll be pleased to hear it can have a positive impact on your studies. In fact, it can help give you an edge in your career and even graduate faster.

Wondering how? Have a read through these four reasons…

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1) You can get course credit for your work experience

If you’re a working professional, you can apply to have your work experience counted as course credit. And you may be able to get credit for any professional/industry certifications you have, too.

At NAU Canada Online, this process involves putting together a portfolio with information about your employer and how your role relates to the degree you’re studying. It’s called a Prior Learning Assessment, and it gives you a chance to demonstrate exactly how your non-formal learning is relevant to your learning at university level.

And since graduation depends on earning a certain number of course credits, getting credit for your work experience can help you graduate faster!

2) It helps make your studies more affordable

Earning while you learn is a great way to make your studies more affordable.

Working while you study will give you an income you can use to help you pay for your tuition and daily living costs. And it means the financial aid you’re eligible for (yes, even as an online student) will stretch that much further – you can find out more about how to get help with financing your degree here.

As a result, you’ll be much more likely to be able to complete your studies without feeling a financial pinch!

3) It can help you move forward with your career

If you’re working while you study, you’ll have the chance to make progress in your career.

As a general rule, moving forward with your career requires time and effort. So if you’re not working while you study, you’ll put starting your career – or continuing it – on hold. That’s why working while you study can be so beneficial. You can earn a degree without sacrificing your career.

If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to manage both, there’s good news: you can choose the number of modules you take each semester at NAU Canada Online. Which means you’ll be able to pick the amount of studying you do to fit the time you have available.

4) It gives you a chance to apply the knowledge you learn in real life

If you’re working in an area related to the course you’re studying, you’ll have a chance to use the skills you learn in real life.

Degree programs like marketing and human resources will give you a lot of practical knowledge and tools. So if you’re working in a job related to your degree (whether that’s part time or full time), you’ll have the opportunity to use these skills as you learn them.

And that means you’ll be able to see how the theory you learn plays out in real life!

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