Want to take your career to the next level?

If you’re looking to get a promotion, successfully ask for a salary raise, or switch careers entirely then an online degree could be your next step. And if you’re planning to re-enter the workforce after an extended break, it can be a vital stepping stone.

There are 4 key ways studying online can help you advance your career. Read on to find out what they are…

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1. It can help you get qualified for a promotion or a raise

Sometimes, not having the right qualifications is all that stands between you and a promotion – so studying online is a great way to close that gap. By earning a degree, you’ll gain valuable skills and show your employer how seriously you take your career progression. It makes a great addition to your resume and gives you a valuable bargaining chip if you’re arguing for a raise or promotion. And sometime, company policy states that you need a specific education level to be eligible for the position you want to reach.

So whether you need to uplevel your existing qualifications from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s or from a bachelor’s to a master’s, studying online is a great way to do just that.

2. It can help you switch to a new career path

Before you switch career, consider studying online to test the waters and make things easier if you do decide to change.

Switching career is a big decision. You’ll often have to take a big financial hit if you’re starting from zero in a completely different field. And there’s no way to know for sure that you’ll really love the career you switch to. But it’s also hard to stay in a job you don’t like, just for the sake of familiarity and a steady paycheck.

That’s why studying online is a good next step – you can get a new set of qualifications (so you’re not starting from scratch) and learn more about working in the field you’re dreaming about.

3. It can help you re-enter the workforce more easily

Getting back into work after a career break can bring up a lot of insecurities, but studying online can make things easier.

Taking a degree (or at least a few modules) in your field can really help you get back up to speed. It gives you a chance to refresh your knowledge and re-establish your confidence, especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a while. And it shows potential employers that you’re committed to excellence in your career.

Studying online is the ideal next step if you’re preparing to re-enter the workforce.

4. It can help you keep your skills up-to-date

A key part of personal and professional development is making sure your skills stay fresh

And if you’ve been working in your industry for a while, going back to school could be an especially good idea. Things change fast. Tech developments in recent years have transformed several industries beyond recognition, especially areas like management and marketing. The skills you entered the workforce with could need an overhaul to ensure you stay competitive.

So if you want to make sure you’re staying on top of the latest developments, making the time to study online could be the key.

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