Adventure is calling… but you also want to earn your undergraduate degree or take your master’s degree (like a responsible adult). Luckily for you, it is possible to do both!

You don’t have to sacrifice your wanderlust to be penned up in crowded lecture hall, ignoring your professor’s presentation while you dream about racing tuk tuks around Bangkok. You can buy a plane ticket and actually go do it – studying online really does means you can learn from anywhere.

And you don’t need to worry: having an accredited degree from an online learning institution/program (like the one you’ll get from NAU Canada Online) is increasingly accepted and respected by employers. Plus, completing a degree while travelling internationally shows you have amazing time management and organisation skills!

Feel free to memorise that paragraph and repeat it to your anxious parents next time they question your life decisions.

So if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, this article is for you: here are the 5 things you need to do if you want to successfully study online while you travel.

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1. Pick a course you’re passionate about

“Well, duh…” Okay, this does sound obvious. But it’s even more important when you’re going to be travelling while you study.

Your degree is going to have to compete with croissants in Paris, elephant rides in India and running away from a road protest involving dynamite in Bolivia. So you’ll need to choose a degree subject which motivates you to keep studying, no matter what.

It’s up to you how you choose. You might want to pick a specific course to help you land your future dream job. Or maybe you’re just looking to learn more about a topic you love. Whatever your reasons are, make sure they mean a lot to you!

2. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection (and all the tech you need)

Having access to the internet connection is essential – it’s absolutely, unavoidably, vitally important.

You’ll need to be able to get online to see your course materials and classes, message your professors and classmates, and submit your coursework assignments. And that’s going to be hard to do if you’re staying in a hostel with a dodgy wifi connection which keeps disappearing.

Read carefully through reviews before you book accommodation and avoid places where the reviewers complain about the lack of wifi. And think about changing your phone’s data plan to include lots of wireless data – you can use your phone as a hotspot when you’re in an area with no wifi, so you’ll still be able to connect your laptop to the internet.

And, finally: make sure you don’t leave for your travels without packing all the adaptors, cables and chargers you need!

3. Pay attention to time zones

Keeping on top of time differences is vital if you want to avoid missing classes, calls and deadlines.

Make sure you’re clear on when your assignments need to be submitted, and what time/date that is in your current location. And if you have to be online for a live class, make a commitment to show up – even if that means waking up at 3 in the morning once per week!

Another thing to keep in mind is the hours which support is available – at NAU Canada Online we have a tutoring and writing center, plus you’ll be assigned a personal advisor to give you one-on-one support. But they won’t be available when it’s the middle of the night for them, even if time differences mean that’s the middle of the day for you!

4. Plan your travel around your assignments

Do not book your 22 hour flight across the world to Australia for the day before have an assignment due. Choose another date, even if you have to miss out on a discount.

In all seriousness – you can still fill your days with sightseeing, ziplining and other adventures, but you do have to fit your itinerary around your assignments.

Plan to have relaxed weeks where you stay in one location. And time those carefully so that they fall on weeks where you have an assignment due. That way you’ll have enough time to get your coursework done, even if it means having a couple of days where you stay at home with your laptop. When the work is done, you can celebrate by exploring!

5. Create a schedule (and use it!)

Yes, travel is all about spontaneity and adventure. That’s how you end up drinking home-brewed plum brandy at a wedding in Poland with all your new local friends.

But you do still need to create a schedule to keep yourself on track, so you don’t end up falling behind on your schoolwork. The good news is, you don’t have to schedule your studying for the traditional 9 til 5 – you can plan your studies for hours that suit you (because studying online is flexible).
If you’re in a place where the nightlife is great, then you can party all night, sleep in late and study in the afternoons. On the flipside, if you’re in a place with lots of daytime activities (jungle tours! mountain climbing! visiting monkey sanctuaries!) you can save your studies for the evening/night.

And it gets even better – you can pick your own pace when you’re studying with NAU Canada Online. Because there are no deadlines for degree completion and graduation, you can take as many (or as few) courses as you like each semester. So if you want to go at a slower pace, which makes travel easier, then you can do exactly that!

If you’re ready to start travelling and studying online…

You can apply for your online undergraduate degree here. And you can apply for your online master’s degree here.

And, if you have questions you need answered, you can also call us on 855.210.5641 (we love to chat) or schedule a consultation.

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How to Get a Degree While you Travel the World by Studying Online