Technology is one of the fastest growing industries, and careers in Information Technology or ‘IT’ are very popular. Information technology plays a huge part in business today, as many companies and organizations rely on apps and networking systems to store and manage their data.

Individuals and companies extensively use online resources and networks to market their businesses. The benefits of websites, and having an online presence are well understood and used to reach people all over the world.

With the rapid developments in digital systems, skilled IT professionals, programmers, and developers are in high demand. If you want a career in IT, there are several different job areas to choose from. The prominent and well-paying ones are software development, cyber security, management of computer systems and networks.

However, whichever career path you choose getting a good quality education in programming and the technology you are interested in is essential.
An online Bachelor’s degree specializing in your field of interest is a great start to landing your dream job. Here are our top Information Technology degree programs.

1. Information Technology with an emphasis in Application Development

In the modern digital world applications or ‘apps’ are increasingly gaining in popularity. How many times have you heard “there’s an app for that” when considering how to save time or tackle a problem?

There are apps to help with work and time management, game apps for entertainment, social apps, and a whole new market for apps working with blockchain technology. The potential development opportunities are vast.

A degree in Application Development will give you a foundation in computer programming, plus the knowledge and skills required to develop the next trending app.

2. Information Technology with an emphasis in Web Development

Having an online presence is a valuable tool for most businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Websites are great for marketing purposes and for attracting new clients.

The technical aspects of building and maintaining a website though, requires skilled web developers.

Many business owners do not have the knowledge or time to create and/or properly maintain professional high-quality websites. The difference between a DIY website and a professionally built one can be obvious in a negative way. So, there is a need for qualified web developers. It can be a lucrative career with businesses willing to pay high prices for quality work.

By studying a degree in web development, you will learn the challenges of creating and maintaining websites. Enabling you to design the most effective and user-friendly websites and databases for all industries.

3. Information Technology with an emphasis in Cyber Security and Forensics

If you are interested in a career in digital forensics or cyber security this Bachelor’s degree would be the perfect choice for you.

Whether you want to work for law enforcement agencies or corporations, there are several exciting opportunities in this field.

As a student you will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the threats, risks, and potential attacks on digital information systems. You will also learn about the investigation tools, procedures and the technology available to increase data security and combat threats and cyber-attacks.

4. Information Technology with an emphasis in Management Information Systems

Today information technology and management systems are relied upon by companies and businesses all over the world.

The impact of information technology on modern business is undeniable and the technology is constantly developing. If you are interested in computer technology for data management and have technical skills, a career in this field would suit your interests. You can tailor your career to work with companies in industries you prefer.

This degree course will help you get to grips with the operating systems, databases, networks, computer security and computer hardware used in managing information systems. The skills you learn in the degree will set you up for work with computing systems and data management in a variety of industries.

5. Information Technology with an emphasis in Game Software Development

Do you dream of creating the next best computer game? If so this is the degree for you.

Studying a game software developer degree will give you the programming and scripting skills you need to design a top-quality computer game. You will learn to use graphics engines and artificial intelligence for gamers.

There is a lot involved in designing and creating game software, from the initial idea to the finished product. Having a great foundation in programming and knowledge of the different platforms and technology will get you started on a successful career path.

6. Information Technology with an emphasis in Network Management, Microsoft

Network management involves managing computer networks and providing technical support. This is important for identifying and repairing faults, protecting data, performance analysis and management, and making sure the network is effective and provides key functions for the user.

Computer network specialists can work in various industries such as education, healthcare, and finance. Or set up their own businesses to serve clients on a contract basis, there are many opportunities to choose from.

This particular bachelor’s degree focuses on Microsoft and prepares students for the Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administrator exams.
Students learn about Windows operating systems, the server administration fundamentals, and risk assessment. They gain skills in installing and configuring Windows Servers and designing and implementing a server infrastructure.

Not ready to do a Bachelor’s degree just yet? NAU Canada Online also offers an Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology. It is also available to study online and is designed so students can easily transfer to the bachelor’s degree if you wish.

Postgraduate degree

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and are looking to further your education, consider studying a postgraduate degree online. Studying online allows you to fit your studies around your job and could help advance your career.

The online Masters in Management with emphasis on Information Technology Management explores how to assess risk and protect and manage information systems. This will give you valuable skills to provide solutions and manage company’s technology systems. To minimize the effects of threats to data security.

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