Applying for your dream job is exciting! But let’s face it, writing a resume can be a bit daunting.

There is no need for it to be though…this is your chance to Impress!

Whether it is your first job or the next step in your career, your resume is a crucial part of the application process. It is your chance to give a great first impression and show the employer why you are perfect for the role.

With lots of competition, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Creating a great resume involves focusing on the design features as well as the information presented. First impressions count. So, you want to make sure your resume is professional, easy to read and appeals to the employer for all the right reasons.

There are many simple ways to create an effective resume and you can even add your own personal touches. These tips will help you create a great resume that sets you apart from the other candidates and helps land that dream job.

Choose the Right Type of Resume

There are 4 standard types of resume. The style you choose will depend on the job you are applying to and the experience you have. It is important to choose the resume style that will best highlight your experience and skills.

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination
  • Targeted

A chronological resume is one of the most commonly used styles. This focuses on your work experience and lists your job history with the most recent job first. This works well if you have a lot of previous experience in the industry. It may not be appropriate if you are changing career or have gaps in your work history though.

Functional resumes focus on your skills rather than your work history. Combination resumes highlight both and targeted resumes focus on the job you are applying for, emphasizing the specific skills and experience that are required for the position. These different types of resumes can give a better first impression when applying for more creative jobs or if you do not have extensive work experience in the industry.

Tailor Your Resume to Suit the Job

“One size fits all” does not apply when it comes to resumes. It should be easy for the hiring manager to see why you are perfect for the role in a quick glance. Make sure to show that you have the relevant experience and skills needed for the specific role first.

Hiring managers can go through hundreds of resumes. If you apply online, it may even be a computer program that checks applicants resumes before the hiring manager sees those that pass. If you do not tailor your resume to the specific job, it may not even get past the first elimination process.

Use Language from The Job Advert

Pay close attention to the wording of the job advert and do some research on the company. What skills are they looking for? Do you have the required qualifications and training? Do they work with specific apps, programs or platforms?

Emphasizing these specific skills in your resume is important. List the skills you have using the keywords from the job advert. This can help improve your chances, especially if a computer program checks the applications first.

Optimize Your Personal Statement

The personal statement or summary is a key element at the top of your resume. You want it to catch the reader’s attention.

Here you can give a short pitch on how you can help the company. Use keywords from the job advert and highlight your specific skills or qualifications that match the position. Keep it short, just a few sentences. The key factors to include are:

  • Who you are
  • What you can offer the company
  • Your career goals
  • Highlight Professional and Personal Skills/Experience

Professional experience is important but do not forget to mention any other relevant skills or experience you have. Your interests or volunteering experience may also be relevant. Including this shows you have other transferable skills and gives a little more insight into your personality.

Keep It Focused

Short and sweet is the way to go. One or two pages maximum is a good length. The top third of your resume is the most important space. Make sure you list your most relevant skills and experience here.

If you have a long work history you do not need to include every single job. Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for and leave out any information that is not necessary. Successful resumes focus on what the position requires and are short and to the point.

Remember, hiring managers can go through many applications and do not have the time to read through your whole life history.

Design and Formatting Count

A well-designed resume looks both attractive and professional. It is eye-catching and easy to read. Simple, sleek designs work well.

Formatting should also be consistent throughout the whole document. Concise bullet points and clear headings make it easy to scan. Choose a font type and font size that is easy to read both in print and on screen.

There are various templates and examples available online which you can customize to create your ideal resume.

Show Your Personality

Customize the basic template or standard resume format to make yours stand out from the others. You can choose a font that suits your personal style or maybe add some color or an image to add a personal touch. If you prefer to be more subtle, you can personalize it with your writing style and tone. You can also add links to your online profiles such as LinkedIn.

Keep in mind the type of job and industry you are applying to as some may prefer traditional styles. There is more opportunity to personalize your resume today though, especially for creative jobs or modern startup companies.

Don’t Skip the Final Review

A resume with spelling errors or inconsistent formatting looks unprofessional. It indicates a lack of attention to detail and will quickly be declined by prospective employers.

Always proofread your resume and if possible, ask someone else to look over it too. Check for spelling and grammar errors and make sure the design formatting is appropriate. This simple final review will help make sure your resume looks great and is error free.

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